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Company to comprehensively strengthen the work safety in production this winter and spring[Recommend]
Views:3342 Published:2014-06-11

Spirit of the meeting in accordance with company safety requirements, equipment manufacturing company with the characteristics of full implementation of the security package protection measures, to firmly establish safety incidents "zero" concept, correctly handle the relationship between safety and production, to carry out comprehensive, continuous risk investigation and rectification work , pay close attention to safety do not relax, for the production and management work to create a good environment.
December 20, the company held a security meeting, the company quickly convey and implement the first time the meeting content, meeting requests in accordance with the implementation of the layers of communication, improve the overall safety awareness, to ensure production safety. To this end, the company decided from now until the end of March, to carry out comprehensive, continuous risk investigation and rectification work: First, the study and implementation, awareness raising; second hidden danger seriously governance; Third, disciplined, punished the "three violation "; Fourth accountability, greater efforts; five units is vital to increase the focus on parts, use and storage of hazardous chemicals management and site inspection to ensure safety management responsibilities and the effective implementation of safety measures. Currently, the company launched this winter and spring protection safety package has been arranged, clear the packet security unit team members, including security and package security job duty requirements. Also formulated the basic units of the unit layers of security protection package management practices to ensure safety organization in place, put in place.