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Condolences to the difficulties the company employees in action[Recommend]
Views:3112 Published:2014-06-11

Chinese New Year approaching, the company positive action, in accordance with "active help, full coverage, do not miss, seek practical results" of the job requirements, carry out series of warmth-giving activities, the company's concern and caring to the hearts of workers, to enable them to lead a warm , a joyful and peaceful holiday.
Through in-depth visits to investigate the company union, thoroughly understand the difficulties of the company-wide register of staff and workers, timely and accurate grasp of the basic situation, difficult to establish and improve employee files. To poor workers, difficult employees, model workers as the focus of the difficulties, establish a mechanism for helping the vulnerable long-term predicament. January 22, company personnel to go to neighborhood organizations, labor unions, into the family, to the problems and difficulties of workers send business model workers care and sympathy, to promote the harmonious development of enterprises. 
At present, the basic units also have to act, the actual situation of the unit, carry out targeted New Year warmth activities to ensure workers and their families through a difficult warm Spring Festival.