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Production and management company the perfect ending in 2010[Recommend]
Views:3386 Published:2014-06-11

Beginning of the year end, the company in 2010 and again last month to refresh the finished value of output of a single month record, and in 2010 exceeded annual goals and tasks draw on the successful conclusion. According to statistics, the company realize an annual output of finished products increased 27.8% year on year, to the formulation of the expected target.
In 2010, the cadres and employees to seriously practice the "hard work, pursuit of excellence," the core values​​, aimed at new targets, to seize the high ground and actively respond to market challenges, skills, provide quality in-house to create a strong atmosphere of execution without excuses, by innovative mechanisms, strengthen management, to challenge the limits, the release of potential multi-output, fast output, maintaining a high monthly output, frequently record a good trend. Inventory in 2010, company management can be described as bright scene. One is to speed up new construction, to ensure the pilot production in June, followed by high monthly output, the company is another new economic growth point. The second is to accelerate industrial upgrading projects overall, scientific organizations, and strive to achieve production of technical innovation correct, two promotion. The third is to actively promote the work of the internal market, stimulating the formation of internal order mechanism and atmosphere, and accelerated the production cycle, to promote the balanced production units, to better meet the needs of market resources. Fourth is to strengthen the management of standard, from the wrist by a hard focus on management, staff morale and on-site management a new look to promote the work smoothly.